Training to be a Spiritual Director

Training Course

Based on the Sheffield Spiritual Direction Programme, the course in Spiritual Direction, here in Liverpool, has been very successful. The course offers a variety of experiences that will be part of each participant's spiritual journey.

Designed to be experiential, the intention is to enable in the participants the growth and development of appropriate inner awareness, gifts and insights, for the ministry of listening to others and of Spiritual Direction.

There are four key elements to each session:

  • A time of prayer and reflection in which different approaches to prayer are experienced
  • A time of listening and sharing in small groups to enable appreciation of listening and the value of sharing our spiritual experiences
  • A time of reflection in tutor-groups on the growth points being experienced and reflections on this in relation to spiritual direction
  • An exploration of the background of and issues involved in spiritual direction be they biblical, practical, historical or theological.

Integral to the course is a three-day individually guided retreat in the middle of the second term.

The fee for the whole course is £400 which covers the 14 sessions, course materials and retreat accommodation.  Clergy can use their Diocesan Training Grant and Readers may be able to get help from the Readers Association.

Grants may also be available to those in urban priority areas.

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