Following the Rule of Life

In the Diocese of Liverpool, we want everyone to be living a life that helps us deepen our relationship with God.

Two backpackers on a journey combined with the sign up to the Rule of Live logo

To live such a life is to be a disciple – one who learns from Jesus in the power of the Spirit, one who comes through Jesus to the Father, one who becomes an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, speaking of Jesus, serving and being present to those on the edge of things.

In taking the inner journey we are called by God to be close to Jesus in our hearts. In taking the outer journey we are sent by God to be close to Jesus in the world.

In the inner journey, we are called by God to pray, and to read scripture, and to learn from one another.

In the outer journey we are sent by God to tell our friends about Jesus, and to serve those in need, and to give our lives, our time and talents and money, back to the God who has given us everything.

Called to pray, read and learn. Sent to tell, serve and give.

Read this section for reflections from the Bishop of Liverpool on the meanings behind each of the six words. 

Our Diocesan Prayer

Loving Father,
by your grace, we long to see
more people knowing Jesus,
and more justice in your world.

Help us to live as your disciples in the power of the Spirit
and to work to your praise and glory.


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