Being a Church Warden

Being a Church Warden is a key role in the life of a parish.

As a lay volunteer, you take on important roles and responsibilities alongside your vicar

You are responsible for the smooth running of your church and are considered by many as the leading members of your church community.

You need to make sure the church (and often its grounds) is well maintained, carry out certain legal and administrative duties and serve on your Parochial Church Council (PCC). Your role as churchwarden means that you are a Bishop’s Officer, which also carries certain responsibilities.

Churches are expected to have two churchwardens who are elected every year at the Annual Vestry Meeting (part of the Annual Parish Meeting). Some churches will have more churchwardens or a number of deputy wardens. Each individual will have their own strengths, weaknesses and interests so working together will help make it easier to get everything done.

There is a lot to do and it can seem daunting, so this area of the website aims to make it easier for you to carry out the role of warden. It sets out your roles and responsibilities, what support you can get and gives details of extra information that can help you in your role.

Thank you for your willingness to fulfil this role. Churchwardens are one of the great gifts of the church and our prayer is that, as you carry out your duties, you will feel supported and enhanced in your vital ministry.

Length of office

Churchwardens are elected annually at the vestry meeting open to all residents in the parish.

It is good practice that wardens do not serve for more than six years. One role for a warden is to identify a successor.

Parishes should try to ensure that other important jobs like school governor, serving on Deanery Synod, a representative on Churches Together, Parish representatives during an interregnum or PCC Vice-Chair, are not automatically added to the churchwarden’s role.

We hope this section makes it easier for you to be a Church Warden. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, please try the 'Making it easier for...' menu for more roles.


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