Parish Share assessments

Your Parish Share Assessments

We have published the tables to show parish share assessments

Deanery Parish Share assessment for 2022.

For 2022, the headline increase in Parish Share will be 2%.  This is to ensure that we can continue to maintain clergy pay in real terms.

However, as provided for in 2021, Diocesan Synod agreed that the Diocesan Board of Finance will offer a further Parish Share Rebate in 2022 which is equivalent to both the 2% increase in Parish Share for 2022 and the 1.9% increase in Parish Share for 2021.  In other words, there will be no actual increase in Parish Share in 2022.  Deanery Mission and Growth Funds (DMGF) will continue to be available in the usual way.

Parish Share - Mission Giving

Parish Share in the Diocese of Liverpool is a form of mission giving and a system of mutual support through which the costs of Missional Leadership are shared. These are the costs of clergy stipends, pensions, housing, and training, along with funding for deaneries.

Parish Share does not pay for the work of St James’ House services. Each parish is assessed using a formula based on church attendance figures and government deprivation statistics. Only through Parish Share can we guarantee a Christian presence in all communities in our Diocese so that we can see a bigger church to make a bigger difference.

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