Missing Generations

The Diocese of Liverpool have been awarded £4.6m from the Church Commissioner’s Strategic Development Fund for an innovative project which aims to encourage discipleship amongst 11 to 29 year olds. The project will be based in the Liverpool Archdeaconery and Wigan Deanery first of all.

The fund was established by General Synod as part of a desire to stimulate sustainable growth in dioceses by funding new ideas. We have had a strong record in attracting funding which has enabled us to test new thinking and try new ideas. This learning has never been more vital as we look to a church for the future.

This investment will help Missional Chaplains and teams to work evangelistically in partner schools and city universities. This will be coordinated through the Liverpool Next Generation (LNG) network.  The funding will also be used to set up a School of Discipleship to help develop young leaders to be a resource for evangelism and for the future of the church.  In addition, three resource churches in Liverpool will focus on the missing generation.

Bishop Beverley who is chairing the Project Board said “we have long been concerned that we are missing a generation. A generation which if we don’t try to reach will be lost forever. So it’s vital that we do this now for the good of the church. Our diocese has a good record in trying things and we are great on learning.. I pray that, as God is teaching us to be church in a new way, this funding will help us all learn to reach a generation afresh.”

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