What's involved

What will I do on the Directions course?

Directions offer teaching, group discussions, personal reflection and focussed exploration over 15 sessions.

We use a lively and engaging learning style. Our two-part sessions start with worship and a presentation. After refreshments, experienced leaders facilitate small group discussions where you’ll share questions and prayer.

What’s covered on the course?

Called for a purpose - You’ll explore the question, ‘called – for what?’ You will find out what we mean by the church and the kingdom of God and how the two relate.

Called who, why and how - You will look at who is called, why we are called and how do we know we are called. You’ll explore your gifts and ministry where God has called you to be. We will explore working together with others and the importance of mission in our world today.

Called to be sent - Together we look at our church in its community, how churches grow and how we can share our faith.

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How to apply

To apply for a place on the Directions course fill in the online form. You’ll need experience of Christian discipleship behind you with some biblical understanding so you can take part in group work.

Please make sure you’ve talked to minister/vicar and let them know that you’re interested in Directions. When you’ve submitted your form we will contact your minister/vicar.

There is a charge of £20 per person.

Fill in an application form here.

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