Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee

The Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) is a statutory committee established under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011. The DMPC’s remit is, in broad terms, to keep under review arrangements for pastoral supervision and care in the diocese and to make recommendations to the Bishop.

In our diocese, this committee is chaired by the Bishop of Warrington and is made up of representatives from each Archdeaconry as well as other advisers.

How DMPC is structured

Instead of one committee we now have three layers of Committee:

1) Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee providing a strategic overview
2) Archdeaconery Sub Committees making decisions on a local basis
3) Sub Committees to deal with Closed Churches and the legal and administrative matters

Each work together to support the Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committees aiming to fulfil our vision to ask God for a Bigger Church to Make a Bigger Difference


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