Diocesan Synod

Our diocese is synodically governed.

Our Diocesan Synod normally meets twice each year and is the lead body for deciding and agreeing on the policy and strategy of our diocese.  Synod will also debate motions relating to national church affairs.  In this way, we contribute to General Synod - the national policy-making parliament of the Church of England. This page gives all the information on synod and the details of upcoming and recent meetings.

Motions can come from individual members or Deanery Synods can put forward topics for debate. 

Diocesan Synod - March 18th 2023

Please find below the agenda and related papers


Diocesan Synod - October 8th 2022

Please find below the agenda and related papers


Synod Houses

Diocesan Synod has three houses.

House of Bishops
The Bishop of Liverpool and the Bishop of Warrington form the House of Bishops.

House of Clergy
All clergy in our diocese can elect members to this House.  Elections are conducted every three years and representatives come from each Deanery.

Revd Canon Samantha Nicolson is the Chair of the House of Clergy.

House of Laity
This house is made up of Lay People elected from our Deanery Synods.  Elections take place every three years.

Debra Walker is the Chair of the House of Laity.

Our elected members of General Synod and certain ex officio members (Archdeacons, the Dean, Chair of the Board of Finance) are also members of Diocesan Synod.

The Synod is chaired by the President (the Bishop of Liverpool), or the Vice Presidents, namely the Chair of the House of Clergy or Chair of the House of Laity.  Mike Eastwood is the Secretary of the Synod.

Bishop's Council
The Executive of the Synod is Bishop's Council which meets four or five times a year.  It consists of ex- officio members, chairs of major committees, and elected members. 

The Standing Orders of the Synod are available upon request via Pamela Ambrose


Synod Meetings

If you would like a copy of the Synod Meeting papers then please contact Pamela Ambrose

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