Model standing orders

Structuring your PCC meetings

Standing Orders offer a model for structuring your PCC meetings. This may seem daunting when you are discussing pastoral, spiritual or mission matters. However, having a clear format for your PCC meetings can help you maintain energy and effectiveness and enable you to focus on addressing important matters.

Drawing up standing orders for your PCC is time well spent to make the best use of all the abilities and gifts your members have.

A set of PCC standing orders could include such things as:

  • Frequency of meetings, start and finish times;
  • Election of Working Committees/Task Group members;
  • Committee dates for the year to be agreed at the first meeting;
  • Delegation of particular tasks to Working Committees and specifying who is responsible for final agreement and decision;
  • Receiving regular reports from the Deanery Synod;
  • Receiving regular reports from Church organisations;
  • Treasurer's budget and reporting arrangements;
  • Arrangements for generating the annual accounts;
  • Arrangements for adopting, amending or suspending standing orders.

We have produced a set of model Standing Orders for your PCC. You can download a copy here,

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