Supporting Sector Ministers

Liverpool diocese is committed to ‘Asking God for God for a bigger church making a bigger difference with more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world.’ It’s within this context that Sector Ministry is so vital to the ministry of the diocese. This page  is for those who work or feel called to work in Sector Ministry.

You can find out about sector ministry or Chaplaincy here


Who can become a Sector Minister?

There are so many different paths into this type of ministry.  Many people enter by volunteering locally which can lead to the development of their ministry into other forms of ministry such as Reader or Ordained ministry.  Some Sector Minister posts are restricted by their institutions for ordained priests when the giving of Sacraments may be an integral part of the role description, but many are open to all.  As a Diocese, it is mandatory that you follow our Diocesan path of safeguarding as well any appropriate training which may also be given by your institution.

Interested in Sector Ministry?

You can contact the present Dean of Sector Ministers (Rev Canon Jackie Parry) for more information at

We suggest and recommend that you attend a ‘Chaplaincy Today’ course organised by MITE (Mission in the Economy) which runs periodically.  Details can be found on their website

Support for Sector Ministry

We are working alongside Deaneries to ensure that the work of Sector Ministers is affirmed and integrated into future planning. 

We have appointed a Dean of Sector Ministers who is responsible for the care and support of all engaged in this ministry.  We meet 2-3 times a year in person or virtually and do ‘one to ones’ in a similar way.  We are hoping to establish a yearly Away Day and a Commissioning Service.

Contact our Dean of Sector Ministry

For a conversation about Sector Ministry then contact

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