Moving out

When it is time for you to move on we want to be able to offer a safe, warm, comfortable home to your successor. Here we show how we work in partnership to achieve this.

When you move out we will be looking to use the home for another occupier. When a parish is in vacancy and we are seeking to appoint a new incumbent we will want to offer the home on a short term rent. This maximises the income we receive in the diocese relieving pressure on the diocese.

Because legally we have to offer six-month tenancies we will need to be prepared and will be looking to market the home before you leave. This will involve our Property Surveyor and agent visiting the home to assess it. The property may also be viewed by prospective tenants. We will expect you to allow reasonable access at this time.

When you move out you will

  • Remove all your belongings including those in your loft/cellar and outbuildings. 
  • Remove all freestanding white goods including cookers. Any gas cookers should be removed by a qualified gas safe engineer and capped. Electric cookers by a qualified.NICEIC
  • Clear out and clean all kitchen cupboards, behind the removed white goods.
  • Leave the bathroom and toilets in a clean condition.
  • Clean carpets and any curtains left at the property should be in a clean and acceptable condition.
  • Remove all garden furniture, trampolines and garden waste. Tend to gardens, and cut grass. Any raised beds should be removed and the garden area left flat.
  • Remove all rubbish and dispose of this properly.
  • Take meter readings and inform the churchwardens of your current suppliers of gas/electricity along with these readings.
  • Ensure all windows are locked and window keys are readily available.
  • Ensure the alarm is working and provide the churchwardens with the alarm code.
  • Decoration  - the house should be left in neutral colours, and areas touched up as you leave.
  • Report any repairs to the churchwardens/clergy housing department. 
  • Inform the clergy housing department of the date you are vacating.


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