The Annual Parish Review

Your Annual Parish Review (APR)

Parish review meetings aim to support you as Church Wardens and PCC members with regular ongoing conversations, so you can spend more time and energy on looking forward in mission.

Parish review meetings reflect on good management of parishes and the wardens’ role in leading the parish in its mission and ministry.

Some preparation is useful, especially around Safeguarding. The parish safeguarding lead should complete the relevanrt document in advance and attend the meeting if possible.

About six weeks before your parish review is due, your church wardens will receive documents which we would like you to complete as best you can and bring along to the meeting.

These documents, listed below, ask you to provide your Archdeacon with information relevant to the running of your parish:

  1. Parish Review Form
  2. Safeguarding Review Forn
  3. Growth Planning Framework
  4. Quinquennial Review Form
  5. Parish Dashboard: Church Finance and Church Attendance.

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