Shared Ministry Team

What can a Shared Ministry Team offer our church?

A Shared Ministry Team is a recognised ministry, authorised by the Bishop through a commissioning service. A team consists of both clergy and laypeople who seek to model a collaborative way of working that recognises and releases the gifts and shares the ministry of all God's people in the local church. 

The goal is to strengthen the life of the Body of Christ for the good of the wider community. A Shared Ministry Team commits the time of its members to train and grow together, to actively supporting the life and ministry of the church. Each and every Team works under the authority of the Church Council and is accountable to it. The Team does not try to do all the ministry in the church, rather a team members prayerfully and thoughtfully discern key ministry needs in the church and seek to mobilise the gifts of God's people to make these things happen.

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If a Shared Ministry Team feels like the right move for your church then talk to to find out more about setting up a Team. You can be confident in a long-established, tried and tested process and the willingness of our Shared Ministry Officers to discuss how best to work with your church. If you want to chat to other churches with a Shared Ministry Team just ask and we will put some names your way. 

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