Being a Foundation Governor

The role of a foundation governor provides many opportunities to support the amazing work of our schools, from supporting the headteacher to having a say in the strategic direction of the school.  A Foundation Governor has a unique role in securing the Christian Distinctiveness of a school.  The Board of Education is always interested to hear from people who feel called to this amazing ministry.  

If you have already been in touch and are looking for nomination forms they can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions regarding the forms please do contact (Rev) Dawn Harrison at


Ensuring good governance and strategic direction for our schools

A foundation governor is a responsible position and requires commitment, dedication and skill.  Our team of foundation governors have a significant role in helping to drive up standards to ensure that schools and their pupils are performing to the very best of their ability.  Furthermore, foundation governors agree to play a vital role in ensuring that the Christian principles on which our schools were founded are upheld in times of change and are lived daily in the life of the school.  This begins by establishing good working relationships within the Governing Board and with the Senior Leadership of the school.  These are relationships that need to be based on trust, respect and aspiration for all our pupils. 

We recognise that being a foundation governor is a calling and a way of serving God in our local communities.  It is to be undertaken with prayer and dedication, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  These are key and influential roles that can help bring the kingdom of God more fully into our world, sitting as they do at the heart of a network of relationships which includes children and young people, parents, staff, clergy, the Diocese, local authorities, DfE and organisations within the wider community. 

Foundation governors play a very significant role in our church schools, they provide strong and sustainable links that root the schools as part of wider communities, and as part of the Diocesan family.  They assist schools in being built around key Christian values and they play a key role in ensuring the school is led and shaped by the personal faith and commitment of their leaders. Foundation governors also ensure Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum and is a core subject. In short, foundation governors are vital to the ongoing health and well-being of our church schools.

If you have the time and skills, and Christian commitment please consider becoming a Foundation Governor.

For further information contact

Rev Dawn Harrison
Diocesan Schools' Adviser (Governance and Admissions)

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