Resources for Churches

Websites of organisations working on the intersections between social action, justice and faith

A Rocha UK
A Rocha UK works for the protection and restoration of the natural world. Their resources-filled website is aimed at churches and individuals exploring how their faith connects with issues surrounding the environment. Key UK based projects include Eco Church and Wild Christian.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid fight against poverty throughout the world. Their website provides resources to support churches looking to engage with issues of global poverty.

Christians Against Poverty
CAP aims to release people from poverty through debt counselling and community groups. CAP offers courses and resources for churches looking to engage with issues of financial poverty.

Church Action on Poverty
Church Action on Poverty is an ecumenical charity dedicated to tackling the root causes of poverty in the UK. They have a vision of a fairer society with a narrower gap between rich and poor. They provide resources to support churches address issue of poverty.

Churches for All
Churches for All is a network of UK Christian disability-engaged organisations. Their aim is to help churches create and sustain an environment where disabled people can participate fully in church life for the benefit of all.

Church Urban Fund
Church Urban Fund (CUF) have the vision to see people and communities all over England flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness. They work through the Church of England’s local parish networks, and alongside other faith-based and secular organisations, to bring about positive change in neighbourhoods. The CUF website contains resources for churches to use around poverty.

Cinnamon Network
Cinnamon Network aims to make it as easy as possible for local churches to transform their communities by reaching out and building life-giving relationships with those in greatest need. They offer tailored support for churches, leadership training for church-based volunteers involved in social action and opportunities to apply for 'micro-grants’ to start new social action projects.

Flesh and blood
Fleshandblood is a campaign to mobilise the people and resources of the church to help increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK.

Green Christian
Green Christian aims to help people understand the connection between the environment and faith. Their website contains practical resources to support this.

Hope into Action
Hope into Action provides homes for the most vulnerable in society in partnership with local churches.

Housing Justice
Housing Justice is the national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing. They offer support to churches looking to address these issues in their communities.
Joint Public Issues Team
The Joint Public Issues Team is made up of the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, working together for peace and justice. Their website contains a range of resources for churches about topics including asylum seekers and migration, the environment, poverty and inequality and peacemaking.

Joy in Enough
Led by Green Christian, Joy in Enough is a campaign for a fair and sustainable economy. The website contains resources and papers reflecting on how Christians can respond to issues of sustainability, equality and economics.

Jubilee+ want to see churches at the heart of nurturing strong communities centred around social action, social justice and social enterprise. Their website provides guides to support churches engaging with social issues.

Just Finance Foundation
The Just Finance Foundation has a vision of a fair financial system and addresses the issues of financial exclusion, distress caused by unmanageable money worries and debt, and the lack of practical knowledge around budgeting, saving and spending. They offer three training courses for churches and individuals looking to address these issues.

Places of Welcome
Places of Welcome is a growing network of local community groups (including churches) providing their neighbourhoods with places where all people feel safe to belong, connect and contribute.

Prison Fellowship
Prison Fellowship’s mission is to show Christ’s love to prisoners and their families by coming alongside them and supporting them. They want to support churches (and individuals) to become involved in their local prisons.

Rules for Christian Activists
Rules for Christian Activists is an interactive website with stories of everyday Christian activism.

Social Responsibility Network
SRN is a peer support network for Christian social responsibility practitioners. They share good practice, ideas and information on a wide range of social responsibility issues and provide peer support and encouragement. SRN host an annual conference.

The Centre for Theology & Community
The Centre for Theology & Community aims to equip churches to transform their communities through the practices of community organising, theological reflection and prayer. Their website contains resources to support churches in this.

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility
The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility is a faith-based coalition that leads and collaborates with others in advocacy and awareness raising, working for economic justice, human rights and environmental sustainability. Their website contains resources to support individuals and churches on ethical money issues.

The GRA:CE Project
The GRA:CE project is a three–year research project by Theos and Church Urban Fund seeking to understand the relationship between church growth, social action and discipleship within the Church of England.

Together for the Common Good
The vision of Together for the Common Good is of a world being transformed as more people take responsibility for the common good and are committed to the flourishing of all. Their website contains resources and details events that support this mission.

Transforming Lives for Good
Transforming Lives for Good is a Christian charity that aims to support churches in their role in bringing hope and a future to struggling children in the UK. They offer programmes and support around holiday hunger and school exclusion.

Urban Expression
Urban Expression is an urban church planting organisation. They offer training programmes and resources for that challenge Christians to engage in pioneering and creative mission and reflect on issues of justice in an urban context.


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