Why not find out more about services for deaf people in your area?

First published on: 30th April 2021

Within the Diocese of Liverpool, we have 5 Deaf centres that provide a huge range of services for deaf people of all kinds.

These services include

  • BSL lessons
  • A range of social/ support clubs for BSL users, hard of hearing people, tinnitus suffers, deafened people, children and young people
  • Technical equipment services to support people in their own homes with access to doorbells, telephones, TVs etc
  • Support / advice/ advocacy services
  • Spiritual/ religious provision (Rev Hannah Lewis is team leader of the chaplaincy provision)

All the Deaf centres welcome enquiries, volunteers, new people wanting to learn about the Deaf community and how to better support deaf people in the church.

The Deaf centres are located in:

Merseyside Society for Deaf People -  cover Liverpool and Sefton and Wirral

Southport Deaf Centre who work with MSDP to provide services for Sefton 

The Deafness Resource Centre at St Helens covers Halton and Knowsley as well as St Helens itself.

Warrington Deaf Centre covers Warrington and some of Halton.

Wigan Deaf Club provide social and religious services for deaf people in Wigan.

West Lancashire Deaf people tend to go to their nearest – usually Southport or Wigan.

Feel free to contact Rev Hannah Lewis for more information on how to reach out to and support deaf people in your church.


Photo detail: One of the unique stained glass windows from St Helens Deaf Centre chapel (unique because it includes sign language)

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