Taking Net Zero Carbon Seriously

First published on: 4th February 2022

The Diocese of Liverpool has joined with the Church of England in making a strong and challenging pledge to achieve a carbon net-zero target by 2030. If we are to reach this target will involve every worshipping community, church school, our St James House operation, bishops, and cathedral taking strong action.

The Diocese of Liverpool is taking this 2030 target seriously and has formed a Net Zero Carbon 2030 (NZC2030) team to help people and churches address these issues.  The NZC2030 team is already working with 14 churches that have committed to progressing through the Eco Church awards, whilst specifically addressing issues around carbon emissions

We will keep returning to this story as we track progress towards our targets and encourage every worshipping community, church, school and parish to take action. Your first step could be working towards eco church status.

This link shows you how. www.liverpool.anglican.org/how-to-become-an-eco-church/


Why action is important

The world is waking up to the reality of climate change.  As we continue to pump greenhouse gases in to the atmosphere it increases to warm and the effects are manifesting around the globe.  Rising sea levels, more severe storm systems and increased drought are just three of the environmental effects of climate change.  These alone are worrying enough but also lead to social injustices which often affect the world’s poorest people who are least to blame.

In 2020, General Synod resolved to address climate change by reaching carbon net zero by 2030.  In other words, the carbon released in the production of the energy used in churches, cathedrals, church schools, church and diocesan offices and other associated buildings should be reduced by as much as possible with the remainder being canceled out through carbon sequestration including through offsetting schemes.

We will keep returning to update you on progress and how you can be involved.


NZC2030 Team Contacts:

Annie Merry – Prophetic Lead:  annie@faiths4change.org.uk

Zara Ross – Project Officer: Zarah@faiths4change.org.uk

Phil Leigh – Diocesan Environmental Officer (DEO) and Project Lead:  Phil.Leigh@Liverpool.Anglican.Org

Rob Wallace – Project Manager: rob@harbourpm.co.uk

The NZC2030 team looks forward to hearing from you. 


“Our Parish has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 because we believe that as Christians we have a responsibility to care for God’s creation and we must act to address the damage we as humans are doing to the world.

We’ve partnered with Faiths4Change to create the Roots in the City community garden at St Michael in the City which provides residents of the local area a chance to learn how to grow their own food along with a community compost scheme that enables local households and businesses to recycle their food waste to be used in the garden. We’ve together to get our church eco awards and we will continue making steps towards net zero in 2030. We looked at the resources we had and thought creatively about how we could use them- that’s something we can all do!”

Revd Laura Furguson
St Michael’s Church in the City.

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