Stand for Synod

First published on: 15th July 2021

Could you represent our diocese at General Synod for the next five-year term 2021-2026?

Nominations open for representatives from our diocese to stand for General Synod, the policy and legislative body of the Church of England.

Nominations open on July 30th and close on Sept 8th

If you or someone you know wants to vote on legislation that affects the whole church whilst speaking into debates on social and policy matters then do stand for synod.

The General Synod has three Houses:  Bishops, Clergy and Laity. Diocesan Bishops are automatically members of Synod by virtue of their office. In addition, each province of the Church of England elects two Suffragan Bishops from each Province. Each diocese is allocated a number of seats in the Houses of Clergy and Laity – the number of seats varies according to the size of each diocese. 

Any member of clergy who holds ecclesiastical office in a diocese or cathedral or who has permission to officiate can stand in an election to the House of Clergy for their diocese. Clergy representatives (known as “Proctors”) are elected by their peers, i.e. other clergy persons in that diocese. 

To be elected to the House of Laity in our diocese, a person must be a communicant member of the Church of England, at least 18 years old and have their name on the parish roll or on the community role of Liverpool Cathedral.

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