Spiritual Direction - 'A chance to deepen your relationship with God'

First published on: 17th December 2021

Where is God in all of this?

What is God asking of me?

Who can I talk with about my faith? By doubts?

Is there anyone who will journey with me as I journey with God?


Life, faith, is a journey, with highs and lows, as a Diocese of Liverpool we are blessed with an amazing group of people who walk alongside individuals as they journey with God, these individuals are part of the Spiritual Direction Network, they have received training for this vital ministry, have been commissioned to this ministry and receive on-going support.


So just what is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a chance to deepen your relationship with God. When we talk about Spiritual Direction it’s God who’s the director and your spiritual director is the person who accompanies you in your journey with God.

Using the term ‘direction’ or ‘director’ might seem slightly confusing, as normally we use those words to mean being told what to do or how to do something. But a spiritual director is there to act as your companion, enabler, encourager and a fellow pilgrim on your spiritual journey.  They will help you reflect on your own journey with God. Being really heard in this kind of a way, is a rare, affirming and encouraging gift.


As a Diocese next year we are running An Introduction to Spiritual Direction Course and we would love to hear from you if you have a heart for listening, are being called to be Spiritual Director, others come to you for your listening ear but your not sure how to respond – then this course might be for you.


Comments from the last course:

“Starting the Spiritual Direction Course in January 2020 was the beginning of a new adventure for me .....who knew it would last until June 2021 due to a pandemic. Throughout the course I felt really well supported and the fellowship which developed among all of us was amazing. We received some excellent teaching , both in terms of breadth and depth as well as being given in a variety of styles.”

"Spiritual Direction" found me when I was hungry for a new direction and dimension in my spiritual life. Because of Covid, it ended up being the longest Diocesan course in history, and it is testament to the quality of the content and the teaching, that all the 2020 students stayed committed right through to our Commissioning by Bp Paul in July 2021. From setting out as someone who thought my vocation was to instruct and heal, this wonderful course turned my faith and my mission inside-out and back again! I learned many lessons in humility, deep listening and compassion, and have discovered a new depth of understanding and closeness to the Living Jesus as I journey alongside new friends; we share and learn and grow together. “


“I found the course very easy to settle into the group, it was very reassuring, nobody judges or tried to outdo one another. I started to fill my tool box with new experiences of different styles of opening worship. Lots of positives, in fact too many to mention all, but here are a few, Meditation, Centering Prayer, Body Prayer, I found this a useful tool when working with children for confirmation classes.

Through the whole of the course the teaching was excellent, and they always explained anything, if I or anyone else didn't grasp it.

Group work, does put people off, and I’m no exception. But I must say, they helped me greatly and equipped me when I see Diretcees.

This course I highly recommend.”


Find out more - either drop an email to Spiritual Directors spiritualdirectors@liverpool.anglican.org or fill our online form https://liverpool.anglican.org/rule-of-life/spiritual-direction/next-spiritual-direction-course/


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