“It was the most amazing and life changing experience bringing me closer to God”

First published on: 8th September 2023

A busy summer saw young people from the dioceses of Kumasi in Ghana and Virginia, USA join their counterparts from our diocese in the 2023 Triangle of Hope pilgrimage. Combining fun and friendship with learning the lessons of the past and confronting the realities of modern slavery the pilgrimage was a profound experience for all concerned.
The pilgrimage started as the 35 young people and their leaders converged on Canterbury for a special welcome from Archbishop Justin Welby and conversations with our partners USPG before they headed to our diocese.
Based at Liverpool Hope University, the pilgrims carried out a range of activities connecting with local churches, visiting Liverpool Cathedral meeting both Bishop John and Bishop Bev. The pilgrims had plenty of time to have fun and build relationships learning from the very different experiences they each have,
However, at the heart of the pilgrimage was learning from the past to help them think about the future. Visits to places like Liverpool’s slavery museum helped the pilgrims understand the terrible history of the slave trade and the church’s role in this. One of the most profound and challenging sessions was the pilgrims meeting current victims of modern slavery and asylum seekers reminding us that these issues are still relevant and pertinent today.

As one pilgrim, Chloe said "It was the most amazing and life-changing experience bringing me closer to God, learning a lot about Liverpool’s history-making me want to change the future and forming lifelong friendships with incredible people from around the world"
Meanwhile another, Fearne added "My experience of the pilgrimage here in Liverpool was life-changing and eye-opening, it was such a great experience to make friends of a lifetime whilst also learning about Liverpool’s past of the slave trade and to all share the same vision of hope for the future through God, coming together to strive for freedom"
The Triangle of Hope Youth Pilgrimage will continue in 2024 when the pilgrims visit Virginia before this current cycle ends by going to Kumasi.
And it’s not too late for you to be involved. If you are aged between 14 and 18 then contact rebecca.richardson@huytondeanery.org for more information


About the Triangle of Hope

Triangle of Hope brings together three dioceses -Virginia (USA), Liverpool and Kumasi (Ghana), involved in the slave trade. The project is committed to learning from the past and combatting modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Each one of our Dioceses was directly involved in the dreadful Slave Triangle. We commit ourselves to learning from these memories and to ensure that the lessons are shared and embedded in our lives and in our Dioceses.

The Triangle of Hope is a covenantal community dedicated to transforming the long history, ongoing effects, and continuing presence of slavery in our world through repentance, reconciliation, and mission. thetriangleofhope.com


I am thankful...

A measure of the pilgrimage's impact is what the young people said towards the end when asked what they are thankful for. Here's a selection of their comments

I am thankful for the opportunities we have been given 
I am thankful for everything 
I am thankful for the experience and learning new things 
I am thankful for the friendships we have made 
I am thankful for the Triangle of Hope extending to Ghana 
I am thankful for the lord's protection throughout the pilgrimage 
I am thankful for this shared experience together - continuing the work of reconciliation and justice 
I am thankful for an awesome god 
I am thankful for the leaders for making a safe space for us to grow and to grow in our faith together



And our thanks to those who helped make it happen

Bishop John and Bishop Bev for all their support and encouragement
The Dioceses of Kumasi, Ghana and Virginia
Dean and Chapter of Liverpool Cathedral
The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Dean & Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral
Dean and Chapter of Chester Cathedral
The Parish of St Paul's Camden Square, Diocese of London
Liverpool Diocese Mothers' Union
The Deaneries of Sefton South and Huyton
The Young Adult Service Corps
Liverpool Hope University
University College London
Avanti Trains
LIVV Housing
Share Knowsley
In Another Place
The International Slavery Museum

And finally.. the army of volunteers



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