Elections for diocesan and general synod to take place across our diocese

First published on: 17th September 2021

Deaneries will be holding elections for Diocesan Synod over the next two months while General Synod elections start today. Both of these important governance bodies help steer the future direction of our church as we face our challenges to become fit for mission while we continue to ask God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference.
Deaneries are responsible for running their local elections to Diocesan Synod. We've moved the date of the next Diocesan Synod from October 9th to November 20th to enable elections to run their course.
General Synod elections take place from today. This is a nationally run process and the electorate receives voting details directly. Mike Eastwood, Diocesan Secretary is the Presiding Officer and any questions can be directed to Pamela Ambrose on pamela.ambrose@liverpool.anglican.org or on 0151 705 2112

This page gives more information on


Are you called to make a bigger difference on Diocesan Synod?

Synod supports the Bishop in leading our diocese setting the framework for growth, overseeing the budget and conducting important debates on matters relevant to our diocese. We are asking God to call people to serve both on synod and in various key roles and committees in the governance of our diocese.

These are:

  • Bishop’s Council
  • DBF Finance Committee
  • Diocesan Board of Education
  • Clergy Housing Committee
  • Vacancy in See Committee
  • Chair of the House of Clergy
  • Chair of the House of Laity

Please pray to discern if God is calling you to serve in any of these roles or you think God may be calling someone you know. If it’s you, please make sure you get onto Diocesan Synod and then get yourself nominated for the particular role. If it’s someone else, please encourage them to do the same. We will be producing further details about what is involved in/expected of each of these committees and roles in due course.

Only those on deanery synod are eligible to vote but you don’t need to be on deanery synod to stand. The election process for each deanery is run locally so if you are part of the electorate then look out for communications from your deanery. Deanery elections will need to be concluded by the end of October.


Elections take place for General Synod

We have 9 candidates standing for the House of Laity and 8 candidates for the House of Clergy for General Synod. Mike Eastwood, Diocesan Secretary is the Presiding Officer and any questions can be directed to Pamela Ambrose on pamela.ambrose@liverpool.anglican.org or on 0151 705 2112. This section gives basic details of the process.


Voting opens Friday 17th September at 12noon

Voting closes  Friday 8th October at 12noon

Count            Between 11th and 14th October

Results          Once count completed


Information about candidates and hustings

We will place candidates' addresses on the website by the end of next week and will hold online hustings.

Candidate's addresses

You can read the election addresses from each candidate here

House of Laity

Andrew Cook
Adeyinka Olushonde
Debra Walker
Gabriel Chiu
Margaret Swinson
Nadine Daniel
Nigel Lea-Wilson
Richard Denno
William Sanderson

Watch the hustings here

House of Clergy

David Brooke
Daniel Howard
Dan Leathers
Jack Shepherd
Pete Spiers
Martin Thorpe
Miranda Threlfall-Holmes 
Kate Wharton 

Watch the hustings here


All electorate for whom we hold an email address will receive an email directly from Civica Electoral Services (CES) giving them a link to the voting site. On following the link, they will be presented with a voting page for the appropriate House detailing all the candidates and their election addresses. It also gives guidance on the voting system (STV) and how to cast a vote. The codes sent with each email will allow secure access to the voting site are unique to each voter and not transferable.


Postal Voting

For those for whom we have no email address, we will make contact directly by supplying voting papers and copy electoral addresses etc to their postal address. Postal votes will be added to the votes cast electronically through the portal.


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