Church of England national funding to increase 30%

First published on: 12th May 2022

In a joint announcement, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have set out the Church Commissioners spending plans for the next triennium.

You can read their announcement here.

Mike Eastwood, Diocesan Secretary welcomed the funding announcement from the two Archbishops saying “Clearly the fact of the increased funding and the scale of it is welcome news for parishes and deaneries across the Church of England supporting the vision for growth and justice. It is also good to know that the vitally important Lowest Income Fund remains in place as this provides crucial direct support for mission and ministry in our parishes. As a diocese we have been the welcome recipient of a range of funding for the Church Commissioners for our four Strategic Development Fund projects, support with stipend costs for some of our curates and lately the Fit for Mission project. We recognise our responsibility to be good stewards of this investment.

“The spending plans cover the years 2023 – 2025. They also outline potential support in areas of racial justice and net zero work. We do need to look at the detail as it becomes available in the coming months.
“We know that all parishes are feeling the on-going effects of the pandemic; we also know that as a diocese we have had and will continue to have a very good, open and constructive relationship with the national church. We know that they will have multiple calls on the funding that has just been announced. We will continue to work hard on behalf of parishes to secure the best possible financial settlements for our diocese as we continue to work prayerfully to building a bigger church making a bigger difference.”

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