Benefact Launch

First published on: 20th May 2022

Plan of Action

Engage churches and many new people in faith-based action to tackle climate change with consequent step-change numerical growth and deepening spirituality across the Diocese.

Prophetic Action will concentrate on churches within their neighbourhood bringing community members along; focusing churches as pioneers, conveners and catalysts for Action alongside other partners and key players across Liverpool City Region (whose net-zero Target is 2040).

Practical Action will be provided to churches through technical support, fundraising support and other resources to help them to meet this target and implement change.

Lessons learned will be shared as best practice with other dioceses and within the City Region and beyond through communications and information platforms.

The programme will be delivered as a partnership between Liverpool Diocese (project lead) with Faiths4Change (delivery lead for Prophetic Action through the Eco Church pathway) held together through robust Project Management/Leadership to ensure this work impacts all aspects and all levels of the Diocese.

  • First ‘cohort’ of 20 Churches was identified and engagement has commenced.
  • The second cohort of 35 Churches is to commence in August ’22.
  • Whole Diocese's footprint estimated at 10,000 tonnes per year of CO2e
  • Combined Church carbon footprint is estimated at 3,900 tonnes/year CO2e

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