Growing Faith

What is the Growing Faith Adventure?

The Church of England Growing Faith Adventure provides an opportunity to make all our decisions through the lens of what this means for children, young people and families.

To enable flourishing relationships between church, school and home.

The Three Growing Faith Principles

Connected Communities - faith grows in each of the three circles school, home and church.  However, when faith grows in the intersections it will be stronger and life long.

Spiritual Encournters - faith is enriched by encounters with God and through the sharing of personal stories.

Imaginative Practices - finding new ways of exploring together to help make faith relevant to everyone.


Why should church, home and school be on this adventure?

Archdeacon Pete Spiers  Growing Faith Champion says - "I have long thought that the church needs a fresh approach to her work with children and young people. Parents and grandparents are a really big influence in a child’s life. Schools understand this very well and seek their support in the educating of their children. So if the church wants to see children and young people becoming disciples of Jesus and growing more deeply in their faith, she will need to harness and co-ordinate their influence with those of the family and school. This is what Growing Faith is seeking to do and I welcome it wholeheartedly."


Lucy Moore Head of the  Growing Faith Foundation says - We all want children and young people to have the chance for the full life that Jesus promises. We want to live in a world where every person of every age flourishes spiritually as one aspect of that fullness of life. How can we do this? We can simply look at what we already do through a Growing Faith lens and put children and young people at the centre of it all, with school, households and church all working together for the wellbeing of those children and young people.

How might we start to think differently?

What might we do differently?

What an adventure that will take us on"

What might this look like?


For further information on the Growing Faith Adventure please contact

Sue Mitchell - Children & Families Missioner

0151 705 2167 Email Sue Mitchell

Rev Dawn Harrison - Goverance, Admissions and New Worship Communites

0151 705 2177 Email Dawn Harrison

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