Return of Parish Finance

Your parish's annual Finance Return

Alongside your parish's attendance information, your financial return gives another window into your parish's health.  The information you collect on the Return of Parish Finance forms helps us to produce deanery, diocesan and demographic summaries that give useful benchmarks, which you and your PCC can use to assess your parish's wellbeing. 

(Please DO NOT use the downloadable forms from the ParishReturns.CofE page. These are not the correct ones for our diocese as they have a few items missing. Please use the document links at the bottom of this page).

Please submit your Return of Parish Finance form by the end of June each year.

The best way to submit your annual return is online. Use the national church website and login with your personal username and password.  If you do not have a username then please contact Central Services at St James' House.  (We also recommend that you setup an account at

The online returns site at also contains tools to help you explore how your finances have shifted over the last ten years. 

Help and Advice

For further advice and support in completing and submitting your Finance Return, contact the Resources Team.
0151 705 2180

If you would like a local copy of the Return to work on, or a copy of the notes that explains which values should be reported where, click the relevant link below to download:


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