About the Visitations
Your Archdeacon, as the Bishop's representative, must admit churchwardens to their office every year. This happens at the Annual Visitation Service. 

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Every year parishioners elect churchwardens to represent them and to work with their parish priest in enabling Christian mission and ministry in their parish. At the Visitation service, these churchwardens are sworn in as officers of the Diocesan Bishop.

A Charge is also given to the churchwardens and all those present. The Charge is an opportunity for the Bishop, or Archdeacon, to reflect on the churchwardens' answers to the Articles of Enquiry, and to encourage and thank the churchwardens for all their work on behalf of the parishes they serve.

Churchwardens are essential to the good running of the churches and parishes of a diocese. Their office is an ancient one, developed during the Middle Ages. Churchwardens are responsible for working with their parish priest, representing the laity of the parish, and seeking to promote the gospel in the communities which they serve. Churchwardens also have some legal responsibilities for the property and fabric of the church building.

Who's expected to be there?

Please note that this year there will be a combined Archdeacons’ Visitation with Bishop John at Liverpool Cathedral on Sunday 9th June at 3pm. Bishop John would like to meet as many churchwardens as possible on the occasion after his first full year as our Bishop, and he will preach for us at this service.

All churchwardens are strongly encouraged to attend this Visitation if possible, along with their clergy and other church members who will be very welcome. All the Archdeacons will be present at this service and will admit churchwardens to office from any parish in the diocese. Those who cannot make this date are welcome to attend one of four other services taking place in the Diocese (the full list is below). Note that any churchwardens unable to attend one of the below dates will need to attend a Reserve Court to be sworn in - please contact to arrange this.

2024 Visitation dates and venues

Wednesday 5th June: North Meols St Cuthbert, PR9 7NA, at 7.30pm

Sunday 9th June: Liverpool Cathedral, L1 7AZ, at 3pm

Sunday 23rd June: Ravenhead St John, WA10 3ND, at 6.30pm

Wednesday 26th June: Wigan All Saints, WN1 1NL, at 7.30pm

Sunday 30th June: Huyton Quarry St Gabriel, L36 6AT, at 6.30pm

Archdeacons' Visitation News 2024

This year's Archdeacons' Visitation News can be found here


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