Making sure we have an easily manageable interview process

We know that many people want to have a say in appointing a candidate but we also know the process works better with a carefully selected group managing the process. We aim to limit the numbers involved in interviews to 4/5 and manage the interview day so it offers the best possible experience for parish and candidate.

  1. An interview panel is selected with appropriate representation
  2. All application forms are sent to the Panel and Bishop’s Core Group
  3. Candidates are shortlisted
  4. The panel arranges and conducts the interviews. (we have guidance, checklists and sample questions so a parish can conduct a successful interview)
  5. Bishop’s Lodge arranges to post interview legal checks for the successful candidate
  6. Archdeacon debriefs unsuccessful candidates
  7. If there is no successful candidate the Archdeacon and Panel agree an appropriate way forward.




Manging Unconcious Bias

We can all bring our biases to the interview process but we are keen that these don't affect a fair and right outcome to an interview. To help you understand unconscious bias we encourage you to watch this short video produced by the Marshall E-Learning Consultancy



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