Moving in

We want to make it easier for you to move into your new home whilst being clear about how we can all make it a safe, warm, comfortable home and base for your ministry

We believe that moving into a clergy home is a really important part of the process.


So we want to make sure that you

  • move in well
  • are clear about the standard of the home you are moving into and the expectations we have
  • know how to report any issues
  • understand what our and your responsibilities are

We will always carry out a survey of a clergy home before the person moves in. This will be a professional assessment linked to our ongoing survey process. Your home will have been occupied before you move in and we will also want to make sure that the previous occupants have left it in a good condition. 

Our aim before you move in will be to make sure that you will be living in a warm, safe comfortable home.

So we will

  • welcome you to your home
  • make sure that anything urgent that affects your immediate well-being when moving in is addressed
  • if we don’t already have that information we will complete a full condition survey
  • identify any work that may be due in the upcoming years (ie kitchen/bathroom replacements) We will aim to tell you when any of this work is likely to happen
  • agree on the condition of the property as you move in and set the expectation on the standards for when you may move out
  • Make sure that the property is in a clean, acceptable standard – if carpets are included that these are clean.
  • Have safe floorcoverings
  • Have a functioning heating system
  • Make sure that all doors and windows are suitably lockable
  • Ensure the bathroom and kitchen fittings are of an adequate standard (and inform people as to when they are programmed for any upgrade)
  • Ensure the garden is clean, tidied of furniture and neatened to a basic standard
  • Have details on how any systems and appliances function
  • Listen to your comments and feedback about the home you are moving into
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