Welcome to our Clergy Handbook section

Welcome to the information pages for serving clergy in the Diocese of Liverpool.

This section aims to give you all the information you need to support your mission and ministry.

Here you will find information on: 

… and much more besides, in order to enable you to fulfil your mission and ministry in our diocese.

You will also find, across other parts of our site:

  • general information about our diocese
  • details of our Rule of Life
  • information to support parishes
  • information to support schools
  • details of news and events.

We hope you find all you need but if you have any questions then email archdeacons@liverpool.anglican.org

Alternatively, the support staff for the Diocese of Liverpool are based at
St James’ House
20 St James Road
L1 7BY
Tel: 01517099722

Email: centralservices@liverpool.anglican.org 

We will update the Clergy Handbook as and when policies and procedures are updated, and add other information when it becomes available, so do please consult it on a regular basis. 

The Rt Revd Dr John Perumbalath, Bishop of Liverpool, and The Rt Revd Beverley Mason, Bishop of Warrington, say:

“We and our Diocesan colleagues commit ourselves to support, sustain, and resource you in your ministry. The most important gift you can bring to your people is your best self, flourishing in your ministry and in your personal life. Nourishing your best self under God is a matter for you, supported by us all. We expect and would hold you accountable for, a high level of personal responsibility from you in the conduct of your ministry within the direction to which we are committed together.

We pray that together we can work to achieve our vision of a bigger church making a bigger difference with more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world.

We hope you continue to flourish in your ministry in the Diocese of Liverpool.”

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