Missing Generations

The SDF funded Missing Generation Project will bring about a step change in the number of new disciples, aged 11-29. Its goal is to build multi-generational church communities that grow quickly, developing an ongoing plan to multiply at pace and establish a planting culture in the city that will align with the Diocese of Liverpool’s 'Fit for Mission' programme for transformation.

The churches work alongside Missional Chaplains, working evangelistically in partner schools and the city’s universities. This outreach is coordinated through the Liverpool Next Generation (LNG) network.

The Missing Generations project includes:

To complete the project, we are currently developing plans to invest in the Everton area of Liverpool with St George’s Everton and St Peter’s with St John Chrysostom.

“We have long been concerned that we are missing a generation. A generation which, if we don’t try to reach, will be lost forever. It’s vital that we do this now for the good of the church. I pray that, as God is teaching us to be church in a new way, this funding will help us all learn to reach a generation afresh.” Bishop Beverley – Chair of The Missing Generations Project Board.

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