About the Living in Love and Faith Chaplaincy

Living in Love and Faith (LLF) chaplains are available to anyone who wants a confidential conversation.

So if you have

  • been to one of the LLF facilitated conversations
  • read the book
  • listened to the podcasts.

and need to talk through the issues they have raised for you in a safe way then contact us on LLFchaplaincy@liverpool.anglican.org

How it will work

Our Chaplains with offer a maximum of 2 one hour sessions via video call or telephone where they will actively listen to you, reflect back what you are saying, maybe make observations, possibly ask questions.

We are aware that 2 sessions might not deal with what has arisen for you and if that is the case all our Chaplains have other avenues of support that they can signpost you to.

These conversations will be confidential, apart from if any safeguarding concerns arise within the conversation then we will follow the Liverpool Safeguarding procedure.

If you would like an LLF chaplain or more  information please email LLFchaplaincy@liverpool.anglican.org

If you have to make a complaint

Our trained chaplains work to the highest possible standards but sometimes things can go wrong.

If you have a complaint about a Living in Love and Faith Chaplain then contact Rev Dawn Harrison on 07786 365193 or email: LLFChaplaincy@liverpool.anglican.org with the Subject Confidential Complaint)

If you have a complaint against Rev Dawn Harrison ( Lead on LLF Chaplaincy) then contact the Bishop of Warrington (tel: 0151 426 1897 email: bishopofwarrington@liverpool.anglican.org).

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