Why have a Good Funeral Company funeral service?

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We understand organising a funeral is really difficult while you are coming to terms with a loved one’s death. A Good Funeral Company service goes beyond the funeral service. When you contact us, we will find the right celebrant to take the funeral service which recognises the uniqueness of your loved one’s life. When we visit you, we’ll listen to you to create the funeral service you feel your loved one would have liked, honouring the person’s who’s died in a prayerful way.

During the funeral service, we will be with you listening, caring and supporting you through the day as you say farewell to your loved one.

After the funeral, we’ll keep in touch with you. You’ll be invited to a memorial service at Liverpool Cathedral.

Get in touch with us

During office hours, Monday to Friday, contact our team:

t: 0151 705 2194
e: admin@goodfuneralcompany.org.uk
a: St James House, 20 St James Rd, Liverpool L1 7BY

If you need to get in touch with us urgently, you can contact us on our mobile number (available during weekends and evenings).
m: 07940 378 223

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