Bring One Friend

We have put together a handy guide to our push to Bring One Friend to church and how you can help others see the value in bringing one friend to church

Can you Bring One Friend to church?

We want to encourage every church member to Bring One Friend to their worshipping community as a simple way to help us see a bigger church making a bigger difference. The idea is nothing new. But we have plenty of occasions to Bring One Friend along to. 


Spread the word by sharing this video in your church and encourage others to bring one friend

Why bring one friend, why now?

The idea is not new. We know that the best way for people to get over the barrier of coming to church is to be invited by a friend.  We know this has been tried and in many ways is one of the basic things we do. But if we are to be a bigger church making a bigger difference we need to continue to encourage ourselves to bring our friends to church.

What are you asking me to do?

We’re not asking much, we don’t want you to put new events together, this is about encouraging people to make the best of what is already happening.

As a key leader, we are suggesting that you can influence and create a culture to invite people. So you can look through your calendar of services and events and simply encourage people to make that ask. Explain the vision. If we are to see more people in church then we all need to bring one friend. 

There are three simple things you can do

  1. When you are announcing upcoming services and events in your church simply ask the congregation to come and bring one friend. Advocate the idea that this will be good, you’re coming why not bring a friend.
  2. Update the Church Near You site for your church. The national church has revamped the site making it easier to update and much nicer for visitors to navigate. They are doing a big push and with 13m views, your church needs to have up to date details of services on there. It won’t take long and if you need support email
  3. Keep talking about Bring One Friend. It is an important way that we can all play our part in being a bigger church making a bigger difference. We will be talking about it in the bulletin and on social media – using the hashtag #bringonefriend – join the conversation and share your tips and ideas.

What support or resources do I need?

You don’t need anything. You simply need to be encouraging folk. We are deliberately saying that this is something that many are doing. If that’s you then great. Keep going. We simply want to encourage all leaders to see how this simple change can encourage us to bring more people to church.

You can watch Bishop Paul’s video (  and share it with your church.  But the most important thing to do is simply encourage people to #bringonefriend. We want to enable you to do what is right in your local context not hamper you with a method.

But we are talking about it in the Bulletin and continuing to share ideas and good practice.

If you do want other resources then contact and we will see what we can do. However, we think that this works best in the local context and you will find your own way to encourage others to bring one friend.

But this is not a one-off thing. We will have plenty of opportunities to bring one friend

On Mothering Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Christmas and other occasions in the church calendar

For the Thy Kingdom Come campaign between Easter and Pentecost.

We believe this will work if we keep working at it and you are a vital part of helping your church become a bigger church making a bigger difference in your community.

We thank you for all you do and hope that you will have joy as you encourage your church to bring one friend.


Our Diocesan Prayer

As we pursue our vision of a bigger church making a bigger difference more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world we have introduced a diocesan prayer. Please pray it and share it in churches across our diocese as we offer our sustained prayer to Jesus.

Loving Father,
by your grace,
we long to see more people knowing Jesus,
and more justice in your world.
Help us to live as your disciples
in the power of the Spirit
and to work to your praise and glory.


Download the prayer to use in your church

Word format

Picture file (.jpg)


What about discipleship?

This isn’t discipleship and we are encouraging everyone to sign up to the Bishop's Rule of Life. The rule of life reminds us that we are all Called to Pray, Read and Learn whilst being sent to Give Serve and Tell. 

Find out more and take part in the Rule of Life here


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