We pray for our new priests

First published on: 10th June 2021

This Saturday, we pray for our new priests as they become ordained at services taking place at Liverpool Cathedral. 

As there will be limited numbers to allow social distancing, the services are being live-streamed from the cathedral Youtube and Facebook. 


10.30am – Rt. Rev Bev Mason

Rev Heather Jane Goldsmith

Rev Gareth James Lloyd Morgan

Rev Dr Louis James Johnson

Rev Edward Noel McGarrigle

Rev Christopher James Neilson

Rev Gregor Stewart

Rev Helen Deegan


1.30pm – Rt. Rev Paul Bayes

Rev Lynne Connolly

Rev Russell Ernest Greenacre

Rev Tracy Pauline Dunsby

Rev Gillian Hoy

Rev Jeanette Griffiths

Rev Glenys Lilian Gardner

Rev Julia Elizabeth Pratt


4pm – Rt. Rev Paul Bayes

Rev James Robert Taylor

Rev Sandra Jones

Rev Frances Marian Humphry

Rev Catherine Jayne Cosslett

Rev Helen Elizabeth Purcell

Rev Gordon Ian MacLeod

Rev Elizabeth Ann Roberts

Rev Christopher James Dunbar


Bishop Paul said:

"Over the past few days, I've been speaking to each of our ordinands in turn as they prepare for Saturday. I found 22 remarkable people, each one with a rich story to tell of how God has called and equipped them for ministry in our Diocese. And I am convinced that the future of the church is in safe and prayerful hands. Please pray for our candidates, and for their families and the communities they serve. God is good - all the time!"

Bishop Bev said:

"As our deacons now come to be ordained priest, I can only imagine their excitement, anticipation and trepidation. This year will have looked very different from anything our deacons might have imagined.   However by God’s grace, our deacons have been called for such a time as this and they have shown remarkable resilience, adaptiveness, faith and trust.  Bishop Paul and I are immensely proud and deeply grateful to you, your training incumbents and parishes for our shared ministry in the Good News of Christ.

Our prayer for you all is that you will model the Christ whom we follow and serve, that you will be attentive to your inner sanctification through prayer, the reading of the Holy Bible and the learning as well the sanctification of others through your apostolic action of telling, serving and giving."




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