Supporting clergy

Leadership is vital

Your role, under God, is to share with the Bishop the privilege and responsibility of the oversight within the Church and the parish. This includes leading God’s people in offering praise and proclaiming the gospel, sustaining the community of the faithful by the ministry of word and sacrament, identifying and nurturing gifts of every member and embodying servant leadership, mutual ministry and personal example. There is also particular regard for the diocesan priority for the church to grow numerically.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We take the professional development of our clergy seriously and offer tailor-made courses informed by theology and offering practical skills on running your parish and developing your ministry. We advertise national courses of interest in our weekly bulletin. 

The clergy can also book reading or holiday weeks at Fellfield.

The bulletin

The email bulletin is the most important source of information in our diocese. We are committed to making it as easy to read as possible. We expect clergy to read and act on the relevant information contained. But it is not just for clergy. We encourage as wide a readership as possible for anyone who cares about the church in our diocese.

Ongoing support

As a member of the clergy in our diocese, you will receive support from your Area Dean and Archdeacon. In surveys, we have found that our clergy highly value this support.

Clergy housing

We recognise that your home is also your base for mission and ministry. We want to make sure it is fit for purpose and fit for you. We offer support through our dedicated clergy housing team.

Making It Easier days and individual advice 

We are committed to supporting you and making it easier for you to fulfil your mission and ministry. We will hold two training days a year to support this.

Access to outside support

The Inter-Diocesan Counselling Service (IDCS) provides professional, confidential counselling for clergy, clergy couples, spouses and children (usually over the age of 18).

In this section, we offer further support depending on your particular ministry. 

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