Our survey of parishes will inform future work

We commissioned a wide ranging survey over the late summer to find out what parishes thought of a host of services provided to parishes

This summer we conducted a large survey of parishes to help us think about how we best use our resources to support our diocesan vision of asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference.

With 45% of clergy and 20% of lay people contacted responding we have a vast amount of information to work through. In fact, we received 33,000 words in thoughts and comments. All valuable information which we will be using to shape what we do in 2018 and 2019.

The survey asked for opinions on all aspects of parish life asking what would parishes most like support for. This included very practical support for clergy and lay members as well as specific areas of support in terms of strategy, mission and growth, management and admin as well as discipleship. Respondents were also encouraged to give ratings on some of the specific work we do and how well we communicate.

We received some robust comments which make challenging reading. This is really useful as it enables us to reflect on how we spend our time and how we are all working together for the benefit of our diocese. We can all learn and improve. But it does mean that this will take time to work through. 

That process starts now and as we look at how we are organised for the future we will inform our decisions with the voice of those from across our diocese.
Our commitment to you
We commit ourselves to listening and learning. All of us who have responsibility for delivering one form of service or another to parishes we will be expected to review the thoughts, comments, and ratings to help them decide how to work better in the future. That will not mean we can do everything everyone suggests. We would be foolish to try. But we will take everything on board and change what is needed as a result of people’s comments.

And we will post updates through 2018 telling you what we have learned and what we are doing. 

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You can still be involved

The survey asked for people to rate some new ideas we can test, suggest new ways of working and volunteer to take part in ongoing research. We have now got a panel of around 300 different people willing to help us develop

You can make your voice heard by joining that database. Simply contact us at communications@liverpool.anglican.org and we will contact you about how you can have your voice heard.