Take note of important arrangements if you are visiting St James House

As Liverpool Cathedral continues building work on its St Aidan's House extension we have important advice for anyone looking to visit our offices while the work is being carried out.

Contractors have started digging out foundations for the new two storey extension to St James House. Inevitably this will mean some disruption and we advise anyone coming to take note of this important advice.

St James Car Park is out of use.

For the most part the car park is temporarily out of use. This allows the construction vehicles the access they need. Our advice is to park in the cathedral car park.

If you have mobility needs

You should still be able to access the building but access is slightly harder. Our advice is for you to contact whoever you are coming to see or speak to our reception before you set out so that we can make whatever arrangements we need to help you.

We apologise for the inconvenience as the cathedral invests in new facilities to support the development of theological learning.

"One of the visionary parts of our 24 for 2024 campaign was to build St Aidan’s House. This two storey building will help us offer modern user friendly facilities for our growing theological education providers St Mellitus NW and the All Saints Centre for mission and ministry."

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What's being built

When complete St Aidan’s House will be a two storey extension at the front of St James House which won’t obscure any views of the cathedral. It will include a large lecture theatre and a couple of meeting rooms alongside all the facilities you would expect. It will also offer our diocese some extra space for meetings and training events.

For the full story

If you have any concerns or queries then do ring on 0151 709 9722 or email centralservices@liverpool.anglican.org

Thank you for your patience