Statement regarding Michael Fry

The Archdeacon of Liverpool has spoken following the sentencing of Micheal Fry

We are pleased that Michael has been a given a suspended sentence and believe that justice has been done. We understand Michael fully accepts his guilt and was prepared to accept whatever the judge decided. Clergy are rightly expected to demonstrate a high level of honesty and trustworthiness, both as a duty to the Bishop and as a responsibility to their parishioners. To break that trust has inevitable and far-reaching consequences.

This has been a complex and difficult case which the police and the CPS struggled to understand. The scale of the fraud is staggering and we knew this had to be properly pursued, if nothing else on behalf of all those parishioners across our diocese who give generously to support their local churches and communities.

The money Michael Fry obtained was for funeral fees which he was not entitled to keep but should have passed to our diocese. We do not believe that any of the families were defrauded, indeed we are aware that Michael often conducted funerals with care and sensitivity.

We are glad that this matter is concluded and hope it serves to reinforce the high standards of behaviour that we expect from all those in leadership.”