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Increase your gifts at no extra cost to your donors.

Gift Aid is a generous government provision which recognises the value churches and charities bring to our society. Worth around £80 million to the Church of England in 2013 and nearly £1.5 million to Liverpool in 2014, Gift Aid makes each £10 given by eligible tax payers worth £12.50 to the local church. It just costs a little time and some good administration. Liverpool has an excellent track record and a reputation for Gift Aid expertise.  
  • For a brief introduction to Gift Aid and sources of further information see the Basics of Gift Aid.
  • The Resources team offer regular training events to support Gift Aid secretaries, offer advice on running your own church's Gift Aid scheme and signposting to further Gift Aid advice. 
  • Our diocesan Gift Aid scheme takes much of the strain out of Gift Aid administration in the local church. Find out more at the Diocesan Gift Aid Scheme page.
  • HMRC now expects all Gift Aid claims to be made online. While paper claims are still possible our Online Claims page tells all and makes it easy. 
  • There is excellent and affordable software designed for churches which can simplify both recording and claiming. See Online Claims for a brief overview.  
  • The recently introduced Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) is worth up to £1250 a year to every church, a figure soon to rise to £2000 a year. The Resources team offer advice and training on GASDS. 
  • Gift Aid involves serious tax payers' money so churches must be able to demonstrate that those who “manage” church funds are fit to do so. This really matters so find out what it means and how to comply at the Fit & Proper persons page.
  • HMRC regularly change their guidance, practice and compliance requirements. Our Alerts from HMRC page will keep you up to date. Bookmark this page so you don't miss something you need to know.
Parish Giving Scheme
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Last, but by no means least, don't forget that just one of the many benefits of the new Parish Giving Scheme is that Gift Aid is automatically claimed monthly and in the bank account of the church by the 10th of the month. This is at no cost to the parish and with no recording or claiming of Gift Aid by the church on behalf of those who are in the Scheme. Find out more at the Parish Giving Scheme webpage.