Shared Ministry Teams

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Shared Ministry Teams in the Diocese of Liverpool

For some thirty years the Diocese of Liverpool has provided training for small teams within local congregations which seek to model shared or collaborative ministy. The goal is to serve the mission of the local church, to recognise and release the gifts of all God's people and to develop leadership and ministry in the church rooted in the love and collaboration in the Trinity.  Today we call these teams Shared Ministry Teams (SMT). 

Each SMT is a small team (usually around 8-10) of clergy and lay people selected by the congregation, trained by experienced facilitators, commissioned by the archdeacon for a five year period and working under the authority of the PCC according to an Agreed Statement. 

Of course there are other models of shared ministry operative in our parishes and we welcome that diversity. One size will never fit all. Shared Ministry Teams offer one tried and tested model that has enriched the ministry of many parishes and may be just what you are looking for. These web pages provide an overview of how Shared Ministry Teams are selected and trained and how they can serve the local church. Read on!
Meet Adrian Ball
Dr Adrian Ball is one of the Bishop's Officers for Shared Ministry and chair of the diocesan Group for Shared Ministry. A retired GP Adrian is an experienced educationalist and for 14 years prior to retirement he held a part time post with Liverpool University and oversaw GP vocational training in Mersey Region. Involved in the development and training of Shared Ministry teams for around twenty years Adrian will be pleased to discuss shared ministry and to visit the PCC to explain more about the purpose and practicilities of shared ministry teams in the local church.