Seasons of Invitation

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Developing a season of invitation

Invitation is important. Receiving an invitation makes you feel special, important. That’s why we want to encourage churchgoers to invite friends, relatives and neighbours to the place they love. Church.   

The Season of Invitation has been created to help you do that. With the availability of quality resources and a framework for inviting people to services in the autumn and run up to Christmas, a Season of Invitation can galvanise your whole church to invite people and work towards growth.

A ‘Season of Invitation’ began as ‘Back to Church Sunday in 2004’, an annual opportunity for churches across the Uk (and abroad) to personally invite people to come with them to church.

Research shows that people are more likely to come to church (and keep coming) if they are invited several times.  So we want to build a season of invitation and suggest people are invited to come to church on 5 different occasions.

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