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a new, free resource to help your church members plan their giving and, where appropriate, do so tax efficiently.

Welcome to the Parish Giving Scheme

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The world is changing; most of us are not paid weekly in cash and most (but not all) have banks accounts, internet banking and debit or credit cards.

How we give regularly to our church is also changing, not least because of shifting patterns of church attendance and our weekly giving envelopes cannot keep up. Take a huge step forward in nurturing planned giving by joining the new and exciting Parish Giving Scheme. 

This modern, tax efficient way of managing giving to your church is tried and tested by several dioceses. The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) will:
  • Dramatically reduce the time your treasurers and Gift Aid Secretaries need to devote to administration
  • Give you regular and speedy payments and returns from Gift Aid
  • Offer an easy way to tackle static giving with the value of gifts being raised by inflation on an annual basis.
The Parish Giving Scheme allows all who currently give by standing order, envelopes or loose on the offering plate to plan and manage their giving through Direct Debit.

It's easy to set up and manage. All the PCC needs to do is pass a resolution to start the Scheme and show leadership by joining and encouraging others to join. The diocese covers the adminstrative cost so it is free to churches and the Parish Giving Scheme - a UK based charity - does all the work.
The good news is everyone benefits
The church benefits:
  • Stable and often increased planned giving - offsetting ‘static’ giving.
  • Efficiently reclaiming Gift Aid.
  • Protection against inflation by church members choosing to increase their gift annually by inflation rate.
The treasurer benefits:
  • Reduced administration and paperwork.
  • Saves time for them and people who count the money.
The individual benefits:
  • Being in total control of how much they give.
  • A simple giving method that means regular financial support to their church.
  • The option to increase giving annually to protect their gift against inflation.
  • The Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme protects the gifts.
  • They can give anonymously if so desired.
Download the information leaflets on the right. 
Encouraging giving through the Parish Giving Scheme

For churches already registered
New givers can now call the PGS office on 0333 002 1271

The team will take them through the sign-up process – this normally takes 10 to 15 minutes.

They will need to have the following information:

• Personal bank account details
• The name of the parish they wish to donate to ie full church name
• They will need to confirm if they want to increase their gift in line with inflation each year
• Confirm if they are eligible for Gift Aid
• The PGS code for their parish you will need to provide your givers with your church’s unique PGS parish code.

The unique code will be on the Gift forms that each church has previously been provided with or on the monthly PGS statement. If you require the PGS parish code please email Cath Gaskell

We have produced a simple leaflet for folk who want to join the PGS setting out what the PGS is and what information they need when they call the PGS. For a copy of this leaflet please email Cath Gaskell or Steve Pierce

Those who are already PGS givers can easily increase their monthly gifts by email to or phone 0333 002 1260.

If your church is not registered with the Parish Giving Scheme

If your church is not registered with the scheme then 

Download the PGS Registration Form. The PCC resolution can be obtained via email agreement or the Standing Committee.

Email the form to Cath Gaskell who will provide you with your churches 9 digit code and new givers can immediately join by calling 0333 002 1271