Telephone giving

One option to receive gifts from church members is to set up a facility that enables gifts to be made over the telephone.

This is high tech on the part of the service provider but very low tech for the person who wants to make the gift. All that is needed is a bank card (credit or debit) and a telephone. One big advantage is that telephone gifts from church members are made to a person who has trust in the church and may well be known personally to the giver.
Getting started with telephone giving
Accessible telephone giving for churches is made possible by SumUp, suppliers of contactless and chip and pin card readers and the company that provides the donation engine for the Parish Buying online giving service.

If you set up online giving with Parish Buying you set up an account with Sumup and telephone banking through the Virtual Terminal is an additional facility you can add to your SumUp account. 

Please note, the national stewardship team is waiting for some guidance from SumUp with regard to the process of setting up Virtual Terminal. There are steps you can take now but there might be a pause before Virtual Terminal and telephone donations can be implemented. 

1.    Make sure your church is registered with Parish Buying
       Registration is free and the benefits significant

2.    Click to the online giving webpage and the Contactless web page to see the services SumUp offer

3.    Set up your SumUp account. (If you already one, skip to step 4.)
Do this via this online giving page on Parish Buying; don’t go to the SumUp website.

Watch the portion of the 10-minute video with step by step guidance to setting up your SumUp account.              Then, at the bottom of the page, login to Parish Buying where there is additional guidance alongside the video. After application, SumUp will send a request to verify the new account.

4.    Log in to your SumUp account.
You must request the Virtual terminal facility before it appears in the Dashboard; not it is subject to approval.
Click Support at the bottom of the Dashboard.
Then under Send us a Message select Account Setup and Login. Send a message from this support page requesting Virtual Terminal access. 

5.    SumUp will respond with an email requesting information about the church: type of business, link to website, estimate total amounts and monthly transactions.
You won’t know the figures in detail, so make a conservative guess. The national church team are working closely with SumUp who will expect applications from parishes. Please note, as above, we are waiting for some clarification of process from so watch this page for updates.

6.    Once approved, Virtual Terminal will appear in the dashboard and can be used
Gift Aid on telephone giving
Gift Aid can be claimed on eligible donations made over the phone. Telephone gifts are not anonymous;

SumUp will generate a receipt which shows the giver’s name and can be married to an existing Gift Aid donation where the church already holds a Gift Aid declaration. If there is no declaration and the gift is eligible for Gift Aid verbal Gift Aid declarations can be made.

The HMRC guidance can be found here.
Good practice in telephone giving
Telephone gifts offer another way for people to give to their church and they will often know the person they are speaking to on the phone which engenders trust and confidence. That trust and confidence can be underpinned by some good practice. 

•    Make sure you cannot be overheard or overseen as a gift is being made. Check that the person making the gift is alone in the room and that you are alone

•    Close the door, observe windows; exercise caution around virtual personal assistants (Alexa, Siri etc) and don’t use speaker phone

•    Be careful not to write down card details on pieces of paper and never enter details at a later date.

•    Don’t read back details to the giver to check you have entered correctly.
Ask the giver to repeat the card details and double-check that way. 

•    Be as sure as you can be that the giver has full cognitive ability and is confident they want to make the gift and what is involved. 

•    As you would expect, the SumUp login should be restricted to a main account holder who should be an officer of the PCC and perhaps one or two others with PCC approval. 

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