Text giving

Text giving offers a low tech, high impact and accessible way to give to the local church. You don’t need a smartphone, bank cards, online accounts or passwords. If you can text, you can give.

Text giving may appeal to older church members who are uneasy with online solutions. It may also appeal to those who prefer to use their phones to manage their money.

To use text giving you will need to register with a commercial provider. The national stewardship website Parish Resources recommends two providers; our guidance relates to,www.donr.com.

Please note that the old Just Text Giving service which some parishes used was discontinued in March 2019.
Registering with Donr
The registration process is quick and easy at www.donr.com. If the church is registered with the Charity Commission have to hand your CC registration number and a pdf of a recent bank statement to upload.

If the church is not registered with the Charity Commission all is well. You will need a scanned copy of a document from HMRC which has the church name and Gift Aid reference number which usually has the prefix X. You can blank out personal details. You will also need a pdf of a recent bank statement.
  1. First, email Donr at hello@donr.com stating that you want to register, that the charity is excepted from registration and that you have attached the Gift Aid X document. Donr amend the application process at their end to accept the X number.
  2. Wait for email confirmation from Donr that the necessary changes at their end have been made.
  3. When you have email confirmation from Donr, visit www.donr.com and start the online application process. At the request for a CC registration number you insert the Gift Aid X number.
  4. Complete the online application, uploading the bank statement when you get to that screen.
If in doubt you can ring Donr (0333 444 4777)
The Donr dashboard
Once you have registered go to the Donr Dashboard and select the Text Giving option. Navigation is easy, you will quickly grasp the words used like keyword (e.g Lukegift) and shortcode (e.g 70058, the number people text) and your options are clearly presented.

There is one GDPR related marketing screen: “Want to contact donors following a text campaign?”. You must click “I agree to this” to progress further. Later you can choose to include or exclude a marketing opt-out.

You must also note carefully and agree to the regulatory wording. When publicising text giving you must include a statement that the giver will additionally pay the standard rate message cost of their mobile account provider. So a typical campaign message might be:

Text Lukegift 3 to 70085 to donate £3 plus one standard rate message
Keep it Simple
Campaigns (as they are called) can invite one-off or monthly donations, can be set to any amount or set amounts, you can promote just one ‘campaign’ or a few at the same time. You can set up campaigns and then easily delete them if it does not feel right. Explore the options that might work best for you but keep it simple.

Your basic choices are:

•    a simple campaign with no set amount so the giver chooses the gift.
Donr generates a sample compliant message with an illustrative amount: 
Text Lukegift 3 to 70085 to donate £3 plus one standard rate message”. 

•    a simple campaign with a single pre-set amount, say £5:
Text Lukegift to 70085 to donate £5. Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message

•    two or three campaigns with a selection of pre-set amounts: 
Text Luke2gift to donate £2.  Texts cost £2 plus one standard rate message
Text Luke5gift to donate £5.  Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message
How does text giving work?
You need to let people need to know the keyword for your church and the shortcode they text. This can be done in a letter, on-screen in worship, your website and social media. Capitals and £ signs are optional, the text will work with or without. And that is all there is to it. 

When a donation is made the giver receives immediate text notification and a thank you text from the church. Your church is notified of the gift. 

The cost of the gift (plus the standard rate message cost) is added to the giver’s monthly mobile phone bill or is taken off their credit if they use Pay as you Go. The church receives the money into the church bank account but please note there is a delay of 45 to 60 days before the gift is actually received. 
Is there a transaction cost?
Yes. There is an effective transaction charge of 6p per £1 made up of 5% platform fees and 20% VAT on the platform fee.

So for a £10 gift the platform fee is 50p and VAT on the platform fee is 10p – your church would receive £9.40 from a £10 gift. (See here for a summary of charges).

Is Gift Aid possible?
Yes. In Donr Dashboard you can set up Gift Aid as an option; there is a 3p surcharge per donation but this is suspended until August.

When the gift is made a text invites the giver to Gift Aid their gift by following a link to the Donr website.

Use our customisable leaflet

Please download this leaflet to customise and send to people enquiring about text giving. 


  • edit carefully to include the church keyword and shortcode

  • pay particular attention to the central section titled How do I text my gift?  
    The given text presumes no pre-set gift amount. You will need to edit this if you have used pre-set amounts or have made possible monthly gifts.