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No one was more surprised than Colonel Tom Moore when he raised a staggering £33 million for NHS Charities and captured the hearts of a nation. His impressive fundraising performance was made possible by the staff and technical excellence at JustGiving, the best known online giving platform.

Online giving platforms have huge reach and much potential. Online giving platforms can be used by congregation members but they broaden the giving invitation to the wider community, those who love and value you, near and far, but may rarely attend.

You can link from
  • your church website
  • A Church Near You page
  • your social media

to donation pages hosted by JustGiving, VirginGiving, GoFundMe or from the Christian charity Stewardship. All these work well but we recommend the Parish Buying Service.
New to online giving
If you are looking for an introduction to online giving see the online giving page at Parish Resources. The national church offer practical guidance and regular webinars to help get started with online giving: book online here.

Visit to view customisable videos to place on social media, for us in digital worship and to put on a donations page on A Church Near You
We recommend using the Parish Buying online giving service
Parish Buying is the national church procurement service, a goldmine for money saving options for churches.

You can register for free to get the best deals. We always say use Parish Buying.

With their partners, Parish Buying have developed a simple and accessible online giving service. There is easy to follow video guidance and it is one of the cheapest around with a number of related benefits. If you don’t have an online giving platform this simple Parish Buying solution will get you up and running quickly.

The service can facilitate Gift Aid claims, an option that will cost £10pcm after Christmas. Please note, however, that your church will still have to claim Gift Aid in your normal way; the service cannot claim Gift Aid for you. The engine that gets donations into the church bank account is SumUp.

With a Sumup account, you can

Use a SumUp card reader  and
Request the Virtual Terminal facility to receive telephone donations
Getting started with Parish buying online giving service
It could not be easier. You will find more information on the Parish Buying online giving page which features a helpful video that guides you step by step through the process of registering for online giving. 

Watch the video (10 mins) then login to Parish Buying at the bottom of the page.

You will find a little additional guidance to complement the same video.


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Get Help with Sumup

If you have any difficulties registering with Sumup or any questions contact the Sumup support centre at  or email