The Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme is  the most flexible, effective and efficient way for church members to give regularly to your church. Anyone with a bank account can use the scheme; over 2500 church members in nearly three quarters of Liverpool churches use it and two thirds of the dioceses are members of the Scheme. 

This page has easy steps for:

1.    Churches already members of the Parish Giving Scheme 
2.    Churches who wish to join the Parish Giving Scheme 
About the Parish Giving Scheme
The Parish Giving Scheme is simple, safe and accessible. Church members can set up and manage their Direct Debit by phone.

In 2019 those church members gave in excess of £1.76M through the PGS. Because there are no transaction fees every penny goes to your local church. In addition:
  • All Gift Aid is claimed monthly and cash flow eased
  • Administration is significantly reduced for Gift Aid secretaries and treasurers, with single line entry in church bank statements and separate reporting
  • About half of givers will choose to give permission for their gift to be increased by the rate of inflation each year.
We recommend the Parish Giving Scheme as your first and primary invitation to church members to give.

We recommend you e
ncourage and invite especially those who give by weekly envelope and open plate to join.
Easy steps for churches registered with the scheme
If your church is registered with the Parish Giving Scheme it is very easy for church members to join the scheme. 

It takes a ten-minute phone call to 0333 002 1271 where church members will be taken through the sign-up process.  They will be asked for:
  • their personal bank account details
  • the full name of the parish they wish to donate to ie full church name
  • confirmation that they are eligible for Gift Aid
  • whether they want to increase their gift in line with inflation each year
  • the unique code for your parish.
You will need to give your members the unique code for your parish. You can find it on Gift forms previously given to registered churches or on your monthly PGS statement.

If you can't find your unique code please email

Promote the scheme
You can use this customisable PGS leaflet to make this unique church code and the dedicated PGS phone number easily accessible to church members.

If you have church members wanting to increase their giving
Then encourage them to increase their monthly gifts by email to or by ringing 0333 002 1260.

Easy steps for churches not registered with the scheme
Your first step is to complete a registration form and register the parish with the Parish Giving Scheme.
  1. Download the registration form 
    One church officer (Vicar, Treasurer or Warden) completes, prints and signs by hand. Then scan or photograph your signed form and email it to 
  2. Either the Standing Committee or the PCC minute a decision to join the Parish Giving Scheme. (You can do this via email or through an online meeting such as Zoom)
    A different PCC officer from the one who signed the registration should email  and confirm that the PCC or Standing Committee made and recorded the decision to join the PGS.
  3. On receipt of a scan or photo of the signed form and the confirmatory email Cath Gaskell assigns the unique Church code, sending this to the parish and liaises with PGS. (There are over 2000 St Mary’s; the code gets the money to the right church!)
  4. The church supplies church members with the dedicated PGS phone line number to call and the unique church code.
  5. Promote the scheme
    As above, you can use this customisable PGS leaflet to make this information accessible to church members.

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Still need help?


Steve Pierce on 07920 795570 

New givers joining scheme

Please be patient as there has been a fantastic response

Due to a fantastic response from new givers calling to join the Parish Giving Scheme you may find that it takes a little while to get through.

Please call back if you are unable to get through straight away so that you can set up your planned giving to your church.

Your generous giving allows your church  to can continue to support its local community at this time’