Supporting parish finances

We have created a new section to give clear information about encouraging giving during and after the Covid crisis

Covid-19 has changed many things. We are doing worship, pastoral care and meetings in new ways. Some of these changes will be part of our ‘new normal’. As lockdown eases and churches re-open things will look a little different. 

Church finance is also changing. This will mean some lasting change. Your church may be facing a ‘triple whammy’:

•  Loss of trading and rental income from halls, fundraising and fees.
    We await developments and guidance in these areas.
•  Loss of service offerings, especially for churches heavily dependent on
   weekly envelopes and open plate offerings. 
•  Pastoral and practical concerns as some are hit hard by economic upheaval.
    Sensitivity and stewardship go hand in hand.

So these pages are here to help anyone concerned with increasing giving to their parish

Helping you continue to make a bigger difference
Churches are striving to maintain their community ministries which make the bigger difference with fewer resources and pressurised finances.

Some guidance is offered here to possible sources of trust funding.

Parish Giving Scheme: The best way to encourage giving
The Parish Giving Scheme is the most effective, efficient method for people to give regularly.
It is successfully used by 75% of Liverpool churches with about 2,500 people gifting £1.75million in 2019.
As a way to make a difference, nothing else comes close.

Find out how it can help your church here.

The best of the rest
1.    Text giving: low tech, high impact giving needing a simple mobile phone

2.    Telephone giving: gifts made over the phone to a trusted individual 

3.    Online Giving: web based one-off and often regular donations  

We have also provided information on contactless giving

Get help and support

These pages should tell you all you need to set your parish up. But if you still need help then:- 

email or
phone Steve Pierce on 07920 795570 
The how and the heart of giving
There are some things we cannot control and must await developments. But we can take immediate and positive action to restore a considerable portion of our lost offertory income and to build financial sustainability into the future. 

There is advice in these pages on how to give, new ways to give that will bless congregations and the communities we serve, now and into the future. Church leaders, lay and ordained, will know what blend of these options can best serve and their leadership and advocacy is vital. 

Any financial challenge is also a discipleship challenge. It’s not just about how to give, it is about staying close to the heart of giving.

For good reason Giving is one of those six key words in our diocesan Rule of Life. Giving - grateful, glad, generous giving - is the common life we share and mature into as disciples of Jesus Christ. 
Weekly envelopes and open plate offerings
The use of envelopes and open plate offerings in worship is longstanding and valued by many.  However, these valued and time honoured ways of giving make parishes vulnerable and current circumstances have highlighted this.

They are not robust enough to cope with changing patterns of church attendance. They don’t fit with the way many people manage money. For new and especially younger church members they are a poor giving model.

Churches are rightly making some provision for receiving cash gifts with due regard for safety. However, they pose difficulties around counting and banking as well as cash flow problems in serious times and difficulty in planning for a prudent, faithful future.

In this section

New givers joining scheme

Please be patient as there has been a fantastic response

Due to a fantastic response from new givers calling to join the Parish Giving Scheme you may find that it takes a little while to get through.

Please call back if you are unable to get through straight away so that you can set up your planned giving to your church.

Your generous giving allows your church  to can continue to support its local community at this time’


Still need help?


Steve Pierce on 07920 795570