Guidance for parishes on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page links to information on parishes with advice on managing the Covid-19 Coronavirus update

Church is Changing
On March 17th the Archbishops called for public worship to be put on hold in the light of government guidance for dealing with public events. 

You can read their advice on the Church of England website www.churchofengland.org/coronavirus
Guidance for parishes on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are committed to making sure our priests and parishes have the best possible advice. Our approach is to follow the advice published by the Church of England which is informed by Public Health Advice. 

As the situation is continually updated we are not going to publish advice on this page but recommend that our priests and parishes follow the link below to the Church of England's dedicated advice page, This page is kept under constant review.


We will regularly point out updated information in our Diocesan Bulletin or direct emails to clergy and parishes. We may also publish updated information on our social media feeds.

If you have any specific questions or need specific advice then you can contact

Stuart Haynes Assistant Diocesan Secretary

General health advice
The main advice at the moment is around a good handwashing routine. Soap, water and twenty seconds of washing is the advice we are given. Also follow the basic advice when sneezing – catch it, bin it.

For general advice on Coronavirus – Covid 19 including hand washing advice see the NHS site https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ 

In terms of general advice. If you have the known symptoms of Coronavirus – Covid 19 – Cough, high temperature or breathing difficulties then while it doesn’t mean you have the virus we advise you to use the NHS Coronavirus Helpline.

If you have contact with someone who may have been infected then also contact the NHS Coronavirus Helpline.

If you have booked or are looking to book a holiday abroad then follow the NHS advice for travellers.

News & Events

For up to date advice

Parish Continuity Plan

Parishes are advised to complete a parish continuity plan. We have attached a template for you to use.

Parish Continuity Plan