Responding to your feedback - our commitment to you

Last summer many of you responded to our survey which asked for detailed information about how we spend our time in the diocesan offices and how we can better focus our work on supporting you.

It has taken longer than we expected to work through the 30,000 words of information, opinion and viewpoints that you offered. But we now have a plan. And a commitment to you. And we want you to hold us to our commitment as we work to make it easier for you.

In January we reported the findings of the survey work. Having considered all of the comments carefully we now give our commitment to you. We won’t be doing everything. We are working towards our shared diocesan vision to see a bigger church making a bigger difference more people know Jesus more justice in the world. 

Our focus is to make sure we achieve this. So those areas which may be good but don’t make it easier for us to achieve the vision cannot be a priority has taken longer than we expected to work through the 30,000 words of information, opinion and viewpoints that you offered. But we now have a plan. And a commitment to you. And we want you to hold us to our commitment as we work to make it easier for you.

You told us - we're responding
The survey asked for a range of ways in which you needed support to help become a bigger church making a bigger difference. A large part of what you asked was around providing clear information. So we are going to be clear about what you told us, how we are responding and how you can help us further. To make it simpler we are working towards 10 main themes 

You told us How we’re responding By when
You want us to be clear about what you can expect from us and what we need from you
You want to know what reports and statistics we need
1)   We will publish our commitment to our diocese with a clear document setting out what we expect from you and what you will get from us

2)   We will set out a clear document detailing what we require; the information needed from the national church and what is a statutory requirement

3)   We will produce a flow chart for when we need key information from parishes and clergy
Sept 2018
Sept 2018
Nov 2018
You  want to understand good practice We will provide more case studies and stories of good practice aiming to point people in the direction of things that work
We need stories – you are the people doing great work day in day out and we need you to tell us so we can tell others.
From September 2018
You want us to provide better housing support – particularly with maintenance and repairs We have contacted clergy and wardens with information about how clergy housing can work for the future.
In 2018 we are undertaking a fundamental re-think as to how we best provide and resource clergy housing into the future.
We will produce quarterly reports on clergy housing
Already done
Starting in January 2019
Clergy and laity want to feel more supported We will review our professional and spiritual care to clergy and others as part of an overall look at leadership development and support
Starting in January 2019
You want policies, procedures and guides to helpful information 1)   We will produce a series of guides and policies as part of a refreshment of our 'making it easier' approach

2)   We will collate, publish and clearly link to useful external sites that support church life
First stage launch at Diocesan synod Oct 2018
Ongoing process into 2019
July 2018
You want to have support on areas of discipleship
The Bishop’s Rule of Life and related content is our main vehicle for supporting our diocesan worshipping communities in discipleship
Launched in June 2018 with further resources being planned for advent
You want to have support on engaging with children and young people We will be using our baptism project and working on our approach to the child friendly church as our main vehicles for engaging in this area.
We will also be clearly signposting other resources that can be useful to parishes.
We will provide more information about both and how churches can benefit from this in late 2018/early 2019
You want us to be better and our website, digital and social media communications We will revamp our approach through
1)   Setting up a user group to help us understand what you want

2)   Developing a programme of work

3)   Making changes
October 2018
By February 2019
Starting from March 2019
You want help to grow as a church We are clear on how we want to encourage churches to grow.
This is through
1.       Bringing One Friend into your worshipping community
2.       Doing ten things to help others think about the kingdom of God
3.       Sign up to our Rule of Life as a disciple of Christ
4.       Think about what new congregations and worshipping communities you can promote.

We will be producing resources, case studies and support for churches in this area
Sept 2018

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How you can help us

A promise is easy to make and many of our one-line statements are committing us to a great deal of work. We want you to hold us to account and keep us on track. We will publish our assessment of how we think we are doing once every three months.

But we also want to keep listening to you.

We would like you to be part of the monitoring of this work. So as well as publishing our review we would like to be in contact with you so we can ask questions about how we are doing and get your feedback on the impact we are making. Through that we want you to say what’s going well and what’s a problem for you.

We will listen, we will make sure the bishop and senior clergy get to hear, and we will tell you what we are doing in response.

To be part of this then email communications@liverpool.anglican.org and we will add you to our feedback list.