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Beyond The Collection Plate: Income streams for our churches

This section of our website explores the varying income streams that are available to our churches. Here you will find some very practical suggestions for ways to build and develop your church income streams or, as we prefer to put it, develop your stewardship ministry. A key resource is a small book, Beyond the Collection Plate, which develops the suggestions in this section. Every parish already has two copies which we encourage you to discuss and the Resources Team are happy to help. Additional copies are available. 
Funding the church we say we want
All our churches are facing a financial challenge that cannot be avoided. We have been accustomed in the past to significant central support for our stipendiary clergy, our single biggest cost as a diocese. But while we still receive a lot of money because we are a poor diocese the responsibility for resourcing and funding our clergy, our local ministry and community involvement lies largely with the members of our own congregations. And we pay for our church buildings, something like £4million a year!

In short, we get 'the church' we are corporately willing to fund. The challenge is to resource the ministry and mission of our churches not just adequately but abundantly. Just think what would be possible if we had the resources to realise the vision, the potential, the opportunities of our churches.
Where your treasure is, there your heart is also
Money is not just a means of resourcing the ministry of our church. When Jesus said, 'where your treasure is, there you heart is also' he was teaching that what we do with our money both reveals and shapes our hearts. How we think, feel and act around money is about our personal discipleship as Christian people. That's about our borrowing and saving, our spending now and planning for our future. And it is also about being generous givers and being formed as part of a community of generous givers, our local church. Encouraging generosity is an important part of the preaching and teaching ministry in every church. Indeed, we believe that generosity is the hallmark of faithful financial discipleship, a sacrament of our love for God and our stewardship of all he has entrusted to us.
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